Features of the Buildcraft-Tools addon:

Most items also have a description on their tooltip when you hold shift while looking at it.


  • Pneumatic Jackhammer – Breaks everything an iron Pick+Shovel would break
  • Industrial Jackhammer – Breaks everything a diamond Pick+Shovel would break; Modes: 1×1, 3×1, 3×3, 3×3(locked)  (Shift RightClick to change) 
  • Chainsaw – The chargeable equivalent of an axe, but very fast
  • Powered Hoe – Tills dirt and grass; Modes: 1×1, 3×3 , Un-till (Shift RightClick to change) 
  • Igniter – Chargeable Flint and Steel
  • Powered Shears – Chargeable Shears


You can enter an “Armor Inventory” screen by sneaking and pressing the armor activation key (default: F). There you can see every armor piece your player is wearing, and a certain amount of slots next to them, which is determined by the type of armor. In those slots you can then place potions (maybe also other items in the future). After closing the screen, you can then activate the armor with the activation key (without sneaking of course), which gives you the potion effects. Their duration is 0:00, but the item in the armor inventory takes damage, so you can deactivate and reactivate the effects whenever you like, until the potion runs out. A potion used with the armor lasts 3x longer compared to if you just drink it.

  • Mechatronic Armor Tier 3: 3 Slots
  • Mechatronic Armor Tier 2: 2 Slots
  • Mechatronic Armor Tier 1: No Slots

Other Pneumatic Items:

  • Compressed Air Provider Pack – Charges the currently equipped tool (if it is compatible, ask other mod-authors for my api) , Stores 8000MJ
  • EMP Orb – Max Storage of 400000MJ, interacts with mobs in a 20x10x20 area, different modes -> See “Modes”
  • Spawner Wrench – Absorbs a Mob Spawner on shift-right-click and places it down again on right click; can only hold 1 at a time; requires 1000 MJ per absorbing; max storage: 4000 MJ
  • Pneumatic Gun – Shoot nails and other stuff at mobs and kill them. Each nail has some unique effects and damage value, which is described in-game. All the possible ammunition is shown in the gui of the gun, which can be opened with shift-right-clicking. Press the zoom-key (default: alt) to zoom in on the target and show a much more detailed crosshair.
  • Potato Gun – This can only shoot potatoes, which don’t damage the entity, but throw him back quite a bit. Zooming isn’t possible like with the Pneumatic Gun
  • Tool Pack – A portable bag that you can open by right-clicking with it equipped. It has 8 slots, 2 of those are used to transfer charge from one pneumatic item to another. You can only store pneumatic items in there, nothing else. Do not put the Tool Pack in its own inventory, it will be lost forever.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Sucks items from a ~8 Block radius towards the player, using energy.

Theres also a ton of non-pneumatic items, which are only used for crafting.


  • Tool Charger – Charges every chargeable Item added by this mod, powered by Buildcraft Energy. Keeps its charge when picked up (I got that idea from Thermal Expansion, credits to them!). It shows the currently charged item above itself; when it is done charging, it doesn’t draw anything on top, so you know when it’s done without looking in the Gui.
    • Tier 1: Stores up to 1500MJ; Max In/Output: 25MJ/t;  1 Slot
    • Tier 2: Stores up to 3500MJ; Max In/Output: 25MJ/t;  6 Slots
    • Tier 3: Stores up to 8000MJ; Max In/Output: 25MJ/t; 12 Slots
  • Heat-Press – Let’s you create different items with a form, power, and the required items.
    • Nail-Form: Used to create nails for the pneumatic gun.
    • Ore-Form: Used to compress 4 charcoal into coal and 64 coal into 1 diamond.
    • Spring-Form: Used to create springs.
  • Planner – Let’s you plan out the size of your buildings with lasers.
    • Linear-Mode: In its GUI, you can set the length of every laser by either typing into the text-field or pressing the ‘+’ and ‘ – ‘  buttons (shift to in/de-crease by 10). The maximum laser length is 64. Press the landmark buttons to extend the respective laser to the next landmark in the respective direction, shift-press the landmark buttons to place a landmark at the end of the respective laser. The block and landmark are taken out of the inventory on the right.
    • Circle-Mode: WIP

About the Modes:

Some Tools add different modes. You can change the mode of any Tool (if it has multiple modes) by shift right clicking while holding it.

  • Industrial Jackhammer – Modes
    • 1×1: Breaks the Block you are pointing at
    • 3×1: Breaks the Block you are pointing at, the Block above, and the Block below
    • 3×3: Breaks the Block you are pointing at, and the other 8 Blocks around it.  The Blocks it breaks are determined by the Player Direction, not the Block side! 
    • 3×3 (locked): Same as 3×3, but the Player Direction gets saved when you switch to the mode. For Example: If you are facing down and switch to the 3×3(locked) mode, the tool will save that you were facing down, and every time you break a block, it will only break the blocks horizontally to that, as if you were facing down, ignoring your current direction,
  • Powered Hoe – Modes
    • 1×1: Tills a 1×1 area of dirt/grass, just like the vanilla hoe
    • 3×3: Tills a 3×3 area of dirt/grass at once
    • Un-Till: Changes the Farmland-Block back to a Dirt block
  • EMP Orb – Modes
    • 1: Damages every mob by 30%; requires 100,000 MJ
    • 2: Damages every mob by 60% + slowness; requires 200,000 MJ
    • 3: Damages every mob by 90% + slowness, wither, fire; requires 400,000 MJ

Other Mods this mod interacts with:

  • Buildcraft (required) (Power System)
  • Thermal Expansion (Some alternative Recipes)
  • Forestry (Some alternative Recipes)
  • Railcraft (Some alternative Recipes)
  • IndustrialCraft 2 (Some alternative Recipes)
  • Gregtech (Some alternative Recipes)
  • Not Enough Items (Plugin for viewing BCTools Material Recipes, included)

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